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ResMed VPAP S with H4i Humidifier

Model: 26120
ResMed VPAP S with H4i Humidifier
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This product is discontinued. Please check its upgraded version ResMed S9 VPAP Auto .

This bundle includes the ResMed VPAP S and H4i Humidifier.

ResMed VPAP S with H4i Humidifier is ResMed's full featured, compact bilevel device that provides the user, optimum levels of comfort and effective therapy. This device is highly recommended for those who are noncompliant CPAP users, those with obstructive sleep apnea, and those who may need additional ventilatory support.

Superior Performance in a Compact Package

The VPAP S with H4i Humidifier, is a full featured device with a compact design that makes it one of the most versatile and effectiveVPAP machines in the market today. It features the ResMed trademark Easy-Breathe motor for noise free performance, giving the user, that all important, quiet and uninterrupted nights sleep. The motor is so quiet that it is rated to be superbly 75% quieter than similiar devices in the market.

Superior Comfort and Highly Effective Therapy

The VPAP S feature several modes that provide combined optimum comfort and therapy to the patient. The S (spontaneous) mode allows two treatment pressures for inspiration (IPAP) and expiration (EPAP). It also features conventional spontaneous bilevel therapy, proprietary ResMed Vsync™ leak management algorithm, TiControl™ breath synchronization control, as well as trigger and cycle sensitivity for maximum performance with regards to comfort and therapy.

Versatile Data Management

The VPAP S is a highly versatile device. It is compatible with the S8 ResLink™, ResScan™ and S8 ResTraxx™. It also features a ResScan data card, that make tracking and monitoring of treatment as objective and accurate as possible. The ResScan data card also provides convenient and easy accessing of data by both user and healthcare provider, as well as convenient updating of therapy settings.

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