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  • Transcend Micro Auto CPAP
  • Transcend WhisperSoft™ Muffler
  • Transcend Micro AirFlex™ 6-Foot Hose
  • Transcend Micro PureFresh Air Filter 
  • AC Power Supply
  • Quick Start Guide

  • 50% Off Rx Renewal with CPAP Purchase!
  • Travel CPAP machines have slightly greater venting noise than full-sized devices. 

  • If machine is returned for refund or the order is canceled after the Rx service has been provided, $99 will be deducted from the refund to cover the complete cost of the Rx service.
  • If machine order is canceled before the Rx service has been provided, a $49.50 Rx admin fee will be deducted from the refund.
World’s Smallest CPAP
At less than 0.5 lbs and 4” wide, the Transcend Micro is the most portable travel CPAP on the market.
Quiet Operation
The built-in WhisperSoft™ Muffler dampens sound and vibration, reducing noise to a whisper.
Comfort Features
With AirRelief, Auto Start, and GentleRise ramp, the Micro eases first-time users into CPAP therapy.
Unique Drying Mode
Activate the 30-minute drying mode with just a push of a button and rid your mask and hose of excess moisture.
Sleep Data Tracking
Monitor your sleep therapy progress using the MySleepDash app (iOS/Android) or the Transcend desktop software.
Optional Accessories
Get the PowerAway™ Battery for 17+ hours of cordless operation and the AirMist™ HME for waterless humidification.

Transcend Micro Travel CPAP

Planning and packing for your next adventure is easier than ever with the Transcend Micro Travel CPAP. While travel machines tend to be louder than your home device, the Micro features built-in sound and vibration dampening, making it truly whisper-quiet. 

Measuring less than 4 inches (9.1 cm) across and weighing under 0.5 pounds (219.5 g), it’s the smallest and lightest travel CPAP in the world.

Apart from automatic pressure adjustments, the Transcend Micro features:

  • SleepStart™ - automatically starts therapy when you put on your mask and stops it when you take the mask off
  • Customizable GentleRise™ Ramp - gradually increases air pressure to your prescribed setting for a comfortable transition to therapy
  • AirRelief™ Exhalation Comfort - helps you breathe easier by lowering air pressure as you exhale

Add essential moisture and warmth to your sleep therapy by getting the compact AirMist™ Heat Moisture Exchanger (HME) Kit (sold separately). It captures and recycles moisture and heat from your breath, providing relief for dry mouth, nose, and throat.  

With the MySleepDash app (iOS/Android) and Transcend desktop software, you can easily access therapy usage, mask leaks, breathing events (AHI), mask removal, and pressure settings. Plus, you can fine-tune comfort settings and view, share, and download detailed compliance reports. 

Review by Susan L. CSSC

Certified Sleep Science Coach

I was thrilled to give this tiny travel CPAP a go! I love the simplicity of this device, and you can’t beat the size - it easily fits in a purse or travel bag. It is easy to use, and when paired with the matching battery, you have the whole package.

Just add the slim hose, use any mask of your choice, start breathing through the mask to start the unit, and you’re off to the races. Our team will program your Micro based on your prescription prior to shipping, so your Micro comes set up and ready to go. * Keep in mind that travel machines in general are not as quiet as home machines.

The drying function on this device is quite impressive. Just push the drying button to activate a 30 minute drying cycle that removes moisture to help control bacteria growth. What a handy feature!

If you're like me and can't use CPAP without a humidifier, the Micro has you covered. The Transcend Micro has a waterless humidification kit (AirMist Kit) that captures the moisture from your breath and recycles it back to you to provide humidification. The kit is sold separately for a month's supply.

Travel CPAPs can be noisier than home units because there is less room for insulation. Given the Micro's small size, I anticipated it would be louder than my home machine. The technical data specifies a noise level of 27 decibels, which is identical to my home device.

I did find it louder, especially on inhalation but smaller machines do tend to be somewhat louder in general, however, this was not a problem for me. If you are sensitive to noise, you might want to pack a pair of earplugs in your travel bag. It's worth noting that the Micro comes with a Muffler Kit in case you need to dampen the sound.

Overall, I am very impressed with this tiny machine. I always recommend our clients have a backup device that travels well, and the Micro fits the bill!

Yes, the Micro is an auto CPAP machine, meaning it automatically adjusts pressure within a set minimum and maximum pressure range. The Micro also has a standard CPAP mode with a fixed pressure. 
The Micro CPAP is FAA-approved for in-flight use. We recommend packing it as a carry-on and bringing a copy of the FAA compliance letter

Please note that airline policies regarding in-flight CPAP use can vary. Always familiarize yourself with your airline’s on-board CPAP use policy prior to traveling.
The Micro operates at 27 dBA, which is quieter than a whisper (30 dBA). 
While the app helps improve your Transcend Micro experience, it is not required to use the Micro CPAP. 
The Transcend Micro does not come with a battery. However, you can add the PowerAway Battery (designed exclusively for the Micro) when adding the Micro to your shopping cart. 
No, the Micro can be used with or without the muffler attached. To use the Micro without the muffler, simply attach the included 6 ft hose directly to the machine. 
The video below shows how to connect your CPAP mask and the WhisperSoft Muffler to the Micro.
The MySleepDash app features a troubleshooting guide with answers to common problems. If more assistance is needed, you can report issues and send machine diagnostic data to Transcend Customer Support directly via the app. 
The Micro does not have a built-in humidifier, instead it provides humidification using the compact AirMist Heat Moisture Exchanger (HME) Kit. The AirMist HME is a more convenient and portable option to traditional humidifiers that require water.  
To change your pressure, you’ll need to download and install the Mini CPAP software* onto a windows computer and then connect your Micro CPAP to the computer. 

*The Transcend desktop software is compatible only with Windows OS. A USB-C cable is needed to connect the Micro CPAP to your desktop computer.
The Micro PureFresh air filter and WhisperSoft Muffler Kit should be replaced every 3 months for optimal performance. AirMist HME cartridges should be replaced after 3 to 7 days of use. 

The Transcend Micro Resupply Pack comes with everything you need for replacement at great value.

HCPCS CodeE0601, A7037
Effective Bluetooth RangeN/A
Humidifier IncludedN/A
Maximum Pressure30 cmH2O (Maximum system shutdown pressure)
Ramp TimeYes
Basic Features
Warranty2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Sound/Noise Level27 dBA with uncertainty of 2 dBA
Carrying CaseYes, sold separately
Expected Service Life5 years
FiltersFoam filter (1 included)
Operation ModesAPAP, CPAP
Auto Start/StopYes/Yes
Leak CompensationYes
Weight0.48 lb or 219.5 g
Weight with HumidifierN/A
Dimensions3.6" x 3.6" x 2.4" or 9.1 cm x 9.1 cm x 6.1 cm (LxWxH)
Dimensions with HumidifierN/A
Humidifier Features
Humidification SystemWaterless HME (heat moisture exchanger)
Integrated Heated HoseNo
Humidifier SettingsN/A
Water Chamber CapacityN/A
Power Features
AC Input100-240V, 50-60Hz
AC Power Supply40W
Power Cord Length6 ft
DC ConverterNo
Battery OptionYes
Power100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power ConsumptionN/A
Pressure Features
Pressure Range4-20 cm H2O
Pressure ReliefAirRelief 1 to 3 (1 is min pressure relief, 3 is max)
RampSet Time 0-45 mins
Starting Ramp Pressure4 cm H2O default
Additional Features
AHI DisplayApp, PC software
Altitude AdjustmentAutomatic up to 8000 ft
Oxygen UseNot recommended
Oximetry CompatibilityNo
Compatible with All MasksYes
Software Features
Supports Remote MonitoringNo (Data download and bluetooth only)
Smartphone AppTranscend MySleepDash app (iOS/Android)
Data DownloadYes via USB-C port to Transcend Desktop Software
SD Card IncludedN/A, machine does not support SD card

Compatible with CPAP masks from all manufacturers. 

Questions? Ask here. We typically respond within 12-24 hours, often sooner. You'll receive email notifications once answered.
1–10 of 34 Questions
Q. Do you need a battery?
A. Yes, the battery is sold separately and uses the cord that comes with the machine to charge it.
Q. Does this work with any mask? I see some only work with specific masks (Resmed). I use a TAP PAP Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask & it took me a long time to find this one that works so well for me.
A. Hi there, this particular CPAP works with any mask.
Q. Is the Transcend Micro compatible with oxygen use? How many watts does it require? Thank you.
A. Yes you may put inline Oxygen and for the watts are you asking about the Micro? Power Features
AC Input
100-240V, 50-60Hz
AC Power Supply
Power Cord Length
6 ft
DC Converter
Battery Option
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Q. What are the rules for renting the Transend mini & what are the costs & terms
A. Please give us a call to review all the rental details 866-936-3754 or check out this page on our website.
Q. Can I use a 65W of ac power battery with this?
A. There are CPAP batteries. In fact, the micro has its own. Please give us a call to discuss this more specifically. 866-936-3754
Q. Hi ,
Can I use this with the app MyAir? I currently use this app with my home machine.
A. Unfortunately no- the MyAir app is only for Resmed. This machine will use the Transend MySleepDash app!
Q. Could this be reprogrammed if a prescription changes, or to use for two people who travel at different times (both have prescriptions, would use different masks and tubing)?
A. Yes, you will need to use a PC (none Mac computer) to download the transcend software and can make changes to the device setting through their software.
Q. Do you have to have a battery? Can you run it on the power cord only?
A. The machine is powered using a power cord to the wall. There are batteries that are compatible with it but they are not included or required.
Q. Do you have any tips for where to place this CPAP at night while in use? I can't find a mount for it like the AirMini. I don't want it to fall on the floor!
A. Hi there,
we have some patients who place it inside their night stand drawer and leave the drawer open for the machine to be able to get adequate airflow. If you do not have a drawer, we recommend to place it on top of a small box on the ground.
Q. Regarding the Transcend travel cpap - I use a sleep weaver mask (which only covers the nose). Can this mask be used with the breath humidifier attachement?
A. Yes, just be aware that it will be less effective if there is high air loss or if it is installed a distance away from your airway - for example, on masks that connect over the head, or which have a short hose attachment that connects to the longer machine hose.
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1–10 of 16 Reviews
5 of 5 Stars!
Mary J
Subject: Transcend Mini
Great little CPAP that is perfect for travel. No more hauling around the regular CPAP or leaving it in the airport rest room like I did a couple years ago. This mini fits right into my luggage and works great for short trips.
1 month ago
5 of 5 Stars!
Caryl B
Subject: Transcend Micro - makes travel easier!
I travel 1-2 weeks per month and have packed along my standard (huge!) CPAP machine for seven years. I got the Transcend Micro Auto Travel CPAP a little over a week ago and have used it every night (had it delivered to my current travel destination). I did plenty of comparison shopping between travel CPAPs, and this one easily came out on top. It's quiet and so small, it has a rubber bottom so it doesn't slide on the nightstand, and it's great that it uses masks from my home CPAP. I added the AirMist HME kit, and while I didn't expect it to be the same as my water-tank unit, it has done a good job. This is working great for me!
8 months ago
5 of 5 Stars!
Benita M
Subject: Travel CPAP
I rented then purchased the Transcend Micro Auto Travel CPAP machine. I was pleased with my rental experience and made the decision to purchase one. I have just begun using the one I purchased and am pleased so far. The customer service I have received when I rented and purchased has been outstanding. You actually talk to a person who answers your questions and walks you through the process. I have been very impressed and very pleased with Respshop!
8 months ago
5 of 5 Stars!
Lynn C
Subject: Transcend Micro Auto CPAP
I switched to this travel CPAP because I could use my own mask. It’s a great CPAP with auto on/off and ramp.
10 months ago
5 of 5 Stars!
Lynn H
Subject: Transcend Micro CPAP
I have been a CPAP user for over 15 years, and I travel extensively for my job so this was a must have machine! I have to tell you it is slightly noisier however very effective!

I tested it out at home for a few nights before my first business travel with it and I was surprised at how quiet it was and I not only use it for travel purposes, but I also use it at home on my nightstand.
I highly recommend the machine! It is very simple to setup as the manual makes it very simple.

Thank you!
1 year ago
5 of 5 Stars!
Jen C
Subject: Great Travel CPAP
I rented this CPAP for a two week trip to France and Italy. It was a great machine. I didn't use the app with it.
Pros: Small. Quiet. Easy-to-use. Works with any mask, so I could just use my regular mask. No humidifier, so no need to find distilled water. Even though it's small, it stayed put on the nightstand and wasn't pulled over by the tubing.
Cons: Had a red light come on twice, which I never saw mentioned in the booklet. Unplugged it and replugged it and red light went away and it worked fine. One night, the whisper damper tube kept making noises as I inhaled and exhaled, I was finally able to adjust the tubing so it mostly stopped doing that.
Renting through Respshop was simple and such a fantastic concept! If my insurance would cover (or at least a large percentage of) a travel CPAP for me, I would get one of these, but until they do, this is a great place to rent one for an extended trip or to try a specific travel CPAP machine out.
2 years ago
5 of 5 Stars!
John K
Subject: Great machine!
I am a flight attendant. This CPAP is perfect for travel. Although it's my first time using a CPAP, I couldn't be happier with it. Very easy to use and the self drying feature is perfect for packing it up for my next overnight. My only complaint isn't with the machine, but the app used to track your sleep quality. It's very confusing and no explanation of terminology. It would be nice if it was as simple as the " my air" used by resmed where you're given an all over sleep quality score.
2 years ago
5 of 5 Stars!
Raymund S Verified Purchase
Subject: REally quiet!
Seems really quiet for a Travel machine.. i love it!
2 years ago
5 of 5 Stars!
Melody S Verified Purchase
Subject: Quiet Machine
Just received my machine today, its super quiet! works like a CHARM!
2 years ago
5 of 5 Stars!
Elliot Z
Subject: Works perfectly!
I love this product! I bought it for a camping trip with my family, and the size is amazing. It really is the size of a baseball. The user manual and quick start guide were very helpful in getting me started with this machine, as I had never used a Transcend machine in the past. Works just like the bigger CPAP machine I use at home, just a little bit louder. I’m so glad that this new product was released!
2 years ago
5 of 5 Stars!
Toby M
Subject: Great travel machine
Used this machine for travel instead of having to bring my heavy AirSense 10. Worked like a charm, and super comfortable to both carry and use. I have been a CPAP user for over 20 years and I can't believe how small the Transcend Micro is. It's about 4 inches in diameter so it fits in a pocket on my bag easily. Will be recommending to buddies of mine who have to bring their CPAP machines while traveling.
2 years ago
4 of 5 Stars!
Charles H
Subject: Transcend micro CPAP
Love the size and how it is preprogrammed for air pressure. Only concern is the additional noise of the air from my nose piece. That is a little noisy and tends to wakes me up. The unit itself is very quiet.
1 year ago
4 of 5 Stars!
Barlow B
Subject: Transcend Micro Auto Travel CPAP
Provides plenty of air.
A bit louder than my home machine even with muffler on.
Is so light it got pulled off the stand a couple times when I shift while sleeping.

Super light even with power adapter. Also takes up very little room in a travel bag. Just for perspective, the hoses take up about 2x more room than the CPAP and power adaptor combined.
2 years ago
4 of 5 Stars!
Nikki M Verified Purchase
Subject: Quiet loud but portable
this machine is quiet loud this machine is quiet loudthis machine is quiet loud
2 years ago
3 of 5 Stars!
George M
Subject: Micro
Nice little machine but definitely louder than my home model. Small and compact, easy to use but my wife and I needed to bring ear plugs which helped. Glad I bought it for our trips though! Will purchase battery for next trip.
6 months ago
1 of 5 Stars!
Subject: Bought for travel, returning for noise.
The machine itself is relatively quiet. I use nose pillows and the noise at the nose is beyond loud. I don't know how anybody can sleep with it. I tried ear plugs but the noise is so close to your ears they didn't help. I called to return it and was told sales are final. They are referring my case to management for a refund. Let's see how that goes.

Thank you for your review! Yes, the smaller machines can be noisier since they do not have as much insulation as your home device. We do offer a Quiet Tube that can help a bit and perhaps earplugs. Please contact us so we can help.

7 months ago
Showing 1 to 10 (of 16 reviews)
Basic Features
2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Sound/Noise Level
27 dBA with uncertainty of 2 dBA
30 dBA
28 dBA
Carrying Case
Yes, sold separately
Yes, available separately
Yes, included
Charcoal Gray
Expected Service Life
5 years
5 years
5 years
Foam filter (1 included)
Disposable filter (1 included)
Washable foam filter (1 included)
Operation Modes
AutoSet/APAP, AutoSet/APAP For Her, CPAP
Auto Start/Stop
No/Yes (CPAP mode only)
Leak Compensation
0.48 lb or 219.5 g
0.66 lb or 299.4 g
1.76 lb
Weight with Humidifier
3.63 lb
3.6" x 3.6" x 2.4" or 9.1 cm x 9.1 cm x 6.1 cm (LxWxH)
5.4" x 3.3" x 2.1" or 13.7 cm x 8.4 cm x 5.3 cm (LxWxH)
5.7" x 5.1" x 3.9" (LxWxH)
Dimensions with Humidifier
6.75" x 11" x 5.75" (LxWxH)
Humidifier Features
Humidification System
Waterless HME (heat moisture exchanger)
Waterless HME (heat moisture exchanger)
Optional heated humidifier
Integrated Heated Hose
Humidifier Settings
Water Chamber Capacity
450 ml
Power Features
AC Input
100-240V, 50-60Hz
100-240V, 50-60Hz
100-240V, 50-60Hz
AC Power Supply
Power Cord Length
6 ft
6 ft
6 ft
DC Converter
Battery Option
Pressure Features
Pressure Range
4-20 cm H2O
4-20 cm H2O
4-20 cm H2O
Pressure Relief
AirRelief 1 to 3 (1 is min pressure relief, 3 is max)
EPR 1 to 3 (1 is min pressure relief, 3 is max)
PVA 1 to 3 (1 is min pressure relief, 3 is max)
Set Time 0-45 mins
Auto, Off/Set Time 5-45 mins (5 minute increments)
Set Time 0-45 mins (CPAP only)
Starting Ramp Pressure
4 cm H2O default
4.0 cmH2O default
3 to 19 cm H2O (CPAP only)
Additional Features
AHI Display
App, PC software
Machine, SD card download
Altitude Adjustment
Automatic up to 8000 ft
Automatic up to 8500 feet
Automatic up to 8000 ft at 4-18 cm H2O and up to 5000 ft at 18.5-20 cm H2O
Oxygen Use
Not recommended
Not recommended
Oximetry Compatibility
Compatible with All Masks
No, AirMini specific masks only
Data Viewing
Via Transcend MySleepDash App
Via AirMini app and by AirView (providers only)
SD card download (requires Easy Compliance software)
Software Features
Supports Remote Monitoring
No (Data download and bluetooth only)
No (SD card download only)
Smartphone App
Transcend MySleepDash app (iOS/Android)
AirMini app (iOS/Android)
Data Download
Yes via USB-C port to Transcend Desktop Software
Yes via SD card
SD Card Included
N/A, machine does not support SD card
Yes 4GB