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ResMed S9 Escape Auto CPAP with H5i Humidifier and ClimateLine Tube
Model: 36022, 36012

ResMed S9 Escape Auto CPAP with H5i Humidifier and ClimateLine Tube
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ResMed S9 Escape Auto was discontinued and replaced by ResMed AirSense 10 Auto CPAP .

ResMed S9 Escape Auto CPAP with H5i Humidifier and ClimateLine Tube

The S9 Escape Auto is an entry level CPAP device for ResMed's S9 Series. It is packed with innovative, proprietary technology designed to ensure excellent pressure relief while maintaining a natural breathing cycle. All this is paired with advanced humidification and a quiet motor to ensure a comfortable night of sleep apnea therapy.

Easy-Breathe Technology

Easy-Breathe expiratory pressure relief technology decreases the pressure at the inception of each breath and maintains a low pressure environment throughout exhalation. Pressure is reduced by a pressure drop of 1, 2, or 3 centimetres of water pressure, and EPR will gradually change therapy pressures to ensure there is little to no ventilatory effect. EPR also comes equipped with an Event Detection Circuit that stops EPR when a sleep disordered breathing event is expected or is occurring. After the event has passed, EPR will resume operation once normal breathing continues.

EPR with Easy-Breathe Technology

Easy-Breath technology monitors your breathing patters in order to soften the breathing cycle. When Easy-Breathe works with EPR, it synchronizes the inspiratory and expiratory cycle resulting in a natural pressure delivery.

Climate Control with H5i Heated Humidifier

ResMed has re-developed the Humidaire line into a far more intelligent and effective set of humidifiers. Climate Control is the central intelligence behind the S9's innovative humidifier, and is managed in combination with the S9 AutoSet, H5i Humidifier, and ClimateLine heated tubing. There are five different sensors actively working to monitor ambient temperature and patient airflow, in order to ensure consistent humidification. The ClimateLine tube adds another level of intelligence with its ability to detect the temperature of the mask in order to reach relative humidity at the mask. The sensors inside and outside the S9 monitor humidity and prevents the build up of condensation from forming inside the tube, reducing rainout. You can adjust the humidity setting to your desired humidification levels.

Easy-Breathe Motor

The Easy-Breathe Motor actively works to reduce noise generated from CPAP therapy. Specifically, the Easy-Breathe motor enables the S9 to operate at 24dBA when set to 10cm of pressure from a distance of one meter. With the Easy-Breathe Motor, ResMed has been able to reduce the overall conducted noise that often moves from the machine, through the tube, and into the mask. You and your partner can rest easy without the noise typically generated from traditional CPAP devices.

Key Features

  • Easy-Breathe Technology w/ EPR - Synchronizes the inspiratory and expiratory cycle resulting in natural pressure delivery
  • EPR - Monitors breathing patterns to soften the breathing pattern for superior comfort
  • Climate Control - Utilizes 5 ambient sensors to monitor ambient temperature and patient airflow ensuring consistent humidification
  • H5i Humidifier - Provides heated air to reduce commonly associated CPAP therapy irritations
  • Easy-Breathe Motor - Whisper quiet motor enables S9 to operate at 24dBA
  • ClimateLine Tubing - 15mm tube comes with a heated coil and temperature gauge, reducing rainout, nasal congestion, etc.
  • Ramp Feature - Starts pressure at lower levels and gently increases pressure to prescribed settings in a 20min window in 5min increments
  • Altitude Adjustment - Automatically adjusts pressure to varying altitudes


Reviewers Tip:

The S9's ClimateLine and SlimLine tubes are both 15mm in diameter. A standard 22 mm tube can still be used but the Patient Setup Menu must be accessed in order to change the setting from "Slim" to "Standard". When the ClimateLine hose is attached this setting is changed automatically.

Connecting the ResMed ClimateLine Tubing to a ResMed S9 with H5i Heated Humidifier


What are the different Humidification Level Settings?

The H5i has 3 modes, Patient, Auto and OFF. The auto mode enables the S9 to measure the amount of humidity and adjust heat when necessary to reach the optimal moisture level of 80%. If it falls below 80% the H5i will increase the heat once more. The Patient mode will operate in a traditional manner until it reaches the desired setting of humidity or 80%. The maximum level of humidification is 80% whether you are using the SlimLine or the ClimateLine tubes.

What Power Supplies can I use with the S9?

The S9 is capable of running on 30W or 90W, however only the 90W can support the S9 and the humidifier.

RX Required.

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