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Transcend EZEX Heated Humidifier Water Chamber

Transcend EZEX Heated Humidifier Water Chamber

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Humidifier Attachment for Transcend EZEX CPAP Humidifiers

This is the Water Chamber for Transcend's Heated Humidifier. The chamber is necessary for operating the device, as it stores the water that is used to heat the humidifier.
*This Water Chamber is NOT compatible with the Transcend 3 Mini or the Transcend 365 Mini

Heated Humidifier

The Heated Humidifier for Transcend EZEX CPAP products offers you a great way to get through your therapy each night. The heated humidifier has ramp technology that increases heat while you sleep, so you won't be awakened by a sudden burst of temperature or pressure. With six different heating settings, this humidifier allows you to tailor your therapy to your unique specifications.

Key Features

  • Replacement Chamber
  • Necessary for Heating Humidifier

Reviewers Tip:

To clean the humidifier, pull the water chamber from the humidifier, fill it with a mixture of mild soap and distilled water, and gently shake for a few seconds. Then drain the reservoir, rinse the cap off, and turn the ramp on to dry the chamber.

The Transcend CPAP Machine Goes to the Himalayas


Can I use this water chamber with any other product?

You can use it with Transcend EZEX humidifiers only. It will not work with humidifiers from other manufacturers. It will also not work with the Transcend 3 Mini or the Transcend 365 Mini.


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