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Transcend 365 miniCPAP Water Filter Kit

Model: 503110
Transcend 365 miniCPAP Water Filter Kit Transcend 365 miniCPAP Water Filter Kit Transcend 365 miniCPAP Water Filter Kit Transcend 365 miniCPAP Water Filter Kit
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Transcend 365 Water Filter Kit 

This travel friendly water filter kit for the Transcend 365 MiniCPAP by Somnetics is the perfect solution on the go. Designed with ZeroWater, it filters through tap water and removes the impurities that come with it allowing you to use other forms of water in the event you don't have access to distilled water. How it all works is that there are magnets that help connect the filter to the Transcend 365 Reservoir while you are filling it with water. As the water flows through, it simply blocks any harmful particles from getting into the water tank thus preventing from getting into the user. Once filled, simply stow away the filter kit for later use next time. 

This Water Filter Kit is compatible only with the Transcend 365 MiniCPAP machine . It blocks all the impurities that come from normal water sources so that your humidifier lasts longer . We highly recommend users to use this filter when distilled water is not available as this will prove to be your best alternative. 

How to Clean the Transcend 365 Water Filter

There is no washing necessary.

How Long does It Last

This filter is very solid. It is designed to last up to 6 gallons so definitely getting your moneys worth!

Appropriate Usage

This water filter is great as they it is reusable. 

Note from the Somnetics:  Do not continue to use your filter once it indicates it's time to replace it, as this may lead to insufficient water filtration and can damage the heater in your humidifier.  

5-Stage Portable Filtration

  • Replace filter when tester reads 006
  • Verify that O-Ring is present on the filterwhen tightening to prevent leakage
  • Very high TDS(Total Dissolved Solids) will reduce filter life more quickly.  Since ZeroWater is removing virtually all TDS from your tap water, your filters may wear out faster.
  • 99.6% effective against dissolved solids. (based on FDS certified lab test.)

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