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Respironics PR System One Humidifier Water Chamber

Model: 1063785
Respironics PR System One Humidifier Water Chamber
Respironics PR System One Humidifier Water Chamber Respironics PR System One Humidifier Water Chamber
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Replacement Water Chamber for Respironics System One Humidifiers

Designed to work with any Respironics PR System One 50 Series Humidifiers or Respironics PR System One 60 Series Humidifiers humidifiers, this water chamber was developed to improve the humidity from your Respironics CPAP Machine Humidifiers. Easy to open, this Respironics water chamber can be easily cleaned and stores over a full cup of water improving your CPAP performance. Humidification can help relieve potential congestion that can occur during CPAP use. The amount of water used will be different depending on the patient and the machine and should be changed daily with distilled water for best results.

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Reviewers Tip:

When I am experiencing harsh environments such as dry air, I like to turn my humidifier on 20 minutes before bed so that it has time to warm up and is ready to go when I am ready to sleep. You don't have to do this every time, but it's a nice added bonus when I find that the environment I am sleeping in is harsher than normal

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Can I use normal tap water in my Respironics water chamber?

While you can use tap water, we recommend using distilled water for all water chambers in order to provide the best results with your CPAP device. Distilled water will also extend the life of the Respironics water chamber.

How often should I be cleaning my water chamber and with what materials?

We recommend cleaning your Respironics water chamber daily. Warm water and a mild detergent usually does the trick.

Is a humidifier really necessary for my CPAP device?

Your CPAP machine will work without humidification and therefore you do not need a humidifier and water chamber, however many CPAP users find that they are congested in the morning or experiencing discomfort after using their CPAP machine. Humidification will add moisture to your tube and help relieve any potential discomforts from congestion.


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