Philips DreamStation Go CPAP Water Chamber
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Philips DreamStation Go CPAP Water Chamber

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Replacement Water Chamber for Respironics DreamStation Go Humidifier

What we have here is the replacement Water Chamber for the DreamStation Go. Designed specifically for the DreamStation Go by Philips Respironics, portability still remains supreme. This water chamber gives you so much flexibility in terms of allowing you to use a wide array of water when you need it; rather than what the industry standard requires when generally using a humidifier. In other words, the convenience is now in your hands as the water chamber can take both tap and bottled as well as distilled water. No longer are you bothered with having to pack extra distilled water or search for places to buy it while traveling in a place considered to be unfamiliar territory. With the water chamber being half the size of a standard one, fortunately, you won't have to worry about water running out as quickly. Featuring water-saving technology, you will be sure to have a full night of humidification for half the size. This is all possible due to the humidifier actively monitoring the ambient conditions around the room and automatically adjusting humidification delivery as you sleep. 


Key Features

  • High Capacity - 240mL to the Maximum Fill Line. 
  • Compatibility - Will work only with DreamStation Go CPAP Machine.
  • Easy maintenance - Can be opened and cleaned to improve hygiene

Reviewers Tip:

When I am experiencing harsh environments such as dry air, I like to turn my humidifier on 20 minutes before bed so that it has time to warm up and is ready to go when I am ready to sleep. You don't have to do this every time, but it's a nice added bonus when I find that the environment I am sleeping in is harsher than normal.

No Prescription is Required.


Can I use normal tap water in my Respironics water chamber?

While you can use tap water or even bottled water, it is always recommended to use distilled water in order to prolong the humidifier and water chamber's lifespan. To achieve this, it has been recommended that distilled water should be at home while other water types can be used while on the go and traveling. 

How often should I be cleaning my water chamber and with what materials?

We recommend cleaning your Respironics water chamber daily. Warm water and a mild detergent usually do the trick. If you want to use the dishwasher, you must be sure to put it on the top rack only and look to wash it about once a week. 

Is a humidifier really necessary for my CPAP device?

Your CPAP machine will work without humidification and therefore you do not need a humidifier and water chamber, however, many CPAP users find that they are congested in the morning or experience discomfort after using their CPAP machine. Humidification will add moisture to your tube and help relieve any potential discomfort from congestion.

How often do I replace the chamber?
Generally, you will replace it whenever you start to see a substantial build-up of calcium, deposits, or simply the chamber appears worn or damaged. Otherwise, you're free to continue using it until you see some of those key things to keep an eye on. 

Technical Data
Water Chamber Capacity
240 ml to maximum fill line
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