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Fisher & Paykel HC100/HC150 CPAP Water Chamber

Model: HC325S
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Replacement Water Chamber for Fisher and Paykel HC100 and HC150

This is the replacement water chamber for the stand alone Fisher and Paykel HC100 and HC150 heated humidifiers. As water chambers deteriorate over time you will need to purchase replacement parts so that things like leaks will not affect your humidification and your overall CPAP therapy. Humidifiers provide bonus comfort in extreme environments where the ambient temperatures can have negative effects on your sleep apnea therapy. Humidifiers can help prevent sleep apnea side effects such as sore throat or a dry nasal area that can cause CPAP users discomfort after a night of therapy. This water chamber will only work with the Fisher and Paykel HC100 and HC150 standalone heated humidifiers.

Key Features

  • Compatibility - Works with both the HC100 and HC150 standalone heated humidifiers
  • Separate ports for CPAP machine and CPAP mask and hose
  • Replacement water chamber - Water chambers should be replaced every six months on average

Reviewers Tip:

You should be using distilled water in all CPAP humidifier water chambers. Normal tap water can cause minerals like calcium to build up which will increase the rate at which your water chamber will deteriorate.


How often should I be replacing my humidifier?

It depends on how frequently you use the chamber and other extenuating circumstances. On average water chambers should be replaced every six months, but pay close attention to cracks and leaks.

How often should I clean and refill my water chamber?

We recommend that you change your water daily and ensure that you are cleaning the chamber at the same time. Distilled water will work much better than normal tap water.


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