Fisher & Paykel HC360 Extended Life Water Chamber For myAIRVO 2 & SleepStyle 600 Machines
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Fisher & Paykel HC360 Extended Life Water Chamber For myAIRVO 2 & SleepStyle 600 Machines

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*Water Capacity: 600ml

HC360 Extended Life Humidifier Water Chamber

The HC360 Extended Life Humidifier Water Chamber is designed for use with the myAIRVO 2 Humidified High Flow System and all SleepStyle 600 Series CPAP systems.

Each HC360 chamber has two ports located on the back edge. The HC360 is made of high-density materials and stainless steel removable base which can be removed for easy cleaning. The HC360 is dishwasher safe and should last for several years with careful maintenance. The HC360 Extended Life Humidifier Water Chamber can last over the life of a CPAP and save you considerable money as compared to standard humidifier chambers.

Note: This water chamber is compatible with All Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle 600 Series CPAP Machines (HC604, HC608).

Maximum Fill Level Tips

  • Do not fill the water tank above the maximum fill line. Damage to the humidifier or therapy device may occur. If the water tank is overfilled, water may leak out of the tank inlet (located on the back of the tank) when installing the tank lid.
  • Use only room-temperature distilled water in the tank. Do not put any chemicals or additives into the water. Possible airway irritation or damage to the water tank may result.
  • Remove the tank, empty all water, and replace the empty tank before transporting the humidifier base.
  • Do not attempt to fill the water tank while it is inside the humidifier.
  • To avoid spilling, do not disconnect the humidifier from the therapy device with water in the tank. Remove the water tank from the humidifier before disconnecting the therapy device.
  • Do not turn the humidifier on without the water tank installed. The Humidifier number setting must remain on 0 if there is no water in the water tank.
  • The humidifier door must be set in the open position before removing the water tank. Do not remove the water tank without making sure that the humidifier door locks in the open position.
  • Do not move the humidifier while the water tank has water in it.
  • myAIRVO 2, HC360, and Optiflow Quick Start GuideDownload
  • myAIRVO 2, HC360, and Trache Quick Start GuideDownload
Model HC360
HCPCS Code A7046

1 x HC360 Water Chamber

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