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Respironics PR System One 50 Heated Humidifier

Model: 1056209
Respironics PR System One 50 Heated Humidifier
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Heated humidifier analyzes temperature conditions to maintain optimal humidity

Phillips Respironics's optional Heated Humidifier effectively regulates room conditions to ensure that your CPAP machine works seamlessly. The Humidifier evaluates the temperature in your room and adjusts the relative humidity of the device accordingly. The device ultimately delivers a comfortable night's sleep, with reduced feelings of nasal congestion and dryness.

Humidity Control

The System One Heated Humidifier comes with an easy to use dial that adjusts humidity at the mask. The device monitors your room's temperature, humidity, and air flow, allowing it to regulate humidity to your preferred settings.

Protects Against Spillage

Like most Phillips Respironics devices, the System One 50 Series Heated Humidifier does an excellent job of protecting against accidental spillage. The device's Dry Box technology compartmentalizes the humidifer's water source away from the rest of the machine, preventing damaging leaks.


By delivering optimal humidity, even in changing environmental conditions, the System One ensures that you can get a quality night's sleep wherever you may be.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and Easy to Use
  • Works Well With a variety of Sleep Apnea Therapy Machines

Reviewers Tip:

At just 1.2 pounds, the Heated Humidifier is a compact and lightweight device that you can comfortably take on the road.

REF 1056209 is the same as the REF 1056215 (this is for manufacturer use only).


How big is the Heated Humidifier?

7" x 5.5" x 4."

50 Series humdifier has 4 prongs where it attaches to the CPAP device.

60 Series humidifier has 6 prongs.


Available Accessories

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Return on warranty issues only.


RX Required.

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