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Breas HA01 iSleep Heated Humidifier

Model: HA01
Breas HA01 iSleep Heated Humidifier
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Heated Humidifier for Breas CPAP and BiPAP Products Provides All-Night Breathing Comfort

Maximize the benefits of your Breas iSleep or Vivo device with this convenient heated humidifier. Used in tandem with your Breas CPAP or BiPAP machine, this humidifier provides up to 12 hours of breathing comfort. Reduce or eliminate dry mouth and nasal passages for a more comfortable and a good night's sleep.

Integrated Design

The Breas HA01 Heated Humidifier nestles inside your iSleep or Vivo machine, eliminating the need for additional cords or space. It's easy to remove for cleaning and refilling, so you can focus less on your device and more on getting the sleep you need.

Key Features

  • Small Footprint - fits seamlessly into your Breas device to save space
  • Easy to Use - intuitive design means hassle-free removal
  • Long-lasting - get up to 12 hours of humidification

Reviewers Tip:

Use distilled water to avoid calcium buildups in the water chamber.
Remove the water chamber from the device when filling it. To avoid water damage, please view the following precautions:

  • Do not fill the chamber while it is attached to the device
  • Do not overfill the chamber past the maximum water level
  • Remove/empty the HA01 humidifier before transporting the Vivo 30/40 device


Is this heated humidifier compatible with my device?

The Breas HA01 iSleep Heated Humidifer is designed to work with the Breas iSleep and Vivo products.

Will I need to purchase any extra cords or accessories?

No; this heated humidifier integrates seamlessly with your Breas device, which means you won't need extra space or cords to enjoy a full night of humidification.


Available Accessories

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