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Buying a CPAP Mask Without Prescription

No Prescription Required for CPAP Supplies

We only require prescriptions for the cpap machines, humidifiers, and complete CPAP masks. Any other supplies, like CPAP Mask Parts, Tubing, Filters, Humidifier parts, do not require prescriptions.

How to Buy a CPAP Mask without Prescription

While many sites require you to provide a prescription to order a mask, our component purchase program allows you to shop for all of the pieces of a CPAP mask, which does not necessitate a prescription. This allows you to get the new mask you need without a trip to the doctor!

One of the easiest ways to order your mask without a prescription is to buy the mask parts which don't require prescriptions. You can either replace your mask's headgear/cushion/frame, or you can buy accessories and assemble them together. Typically you will need to buy: a frame, a cushion, and a headgear. Simply locate the mask you are interested, and click the "Parts" tab, and search for those three items, and you can have a CPAP mask for the same or similar price, without requiring a prescription.