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S9 AutoSet™ CPAP and H5i™ Humidifier
Model: 36015

S9 AutoSet™ CPAP and H5i™ Humidifier
S9 AutoSet™ CPAP and H5i™ Humidifier S9 AutoSet™ CPAP and H5i™ Humidifier
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Available Options:

Bundle & Save:
No - 36015 - $883.00
Tube Brush - 36015 - $883.01
Extended Warranty
Included - 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty - $883.00
Yes - Additional 2 Years + 15%
Yes - Additional 1 Year + 10%

Elite CPAP Machine with Comfortable Heated Humidifier

The ResMed S9 AutoSet CPAP and H5i Humidifier is a high end sleep apnea therapy device that delivers comfort and performance. The Humidifier is built to automatically adjust the CPAP machine's humidity settings based on room conditions, and it's new and improved design adjusts this setting unobtrusively. You'll be breathing better and more naturally with Easy-Breathe technology, which monitors every breath for a more natural respiratory process. With SmartStart and SmartStop, the S9 Auto with the H5i Humidifier is perhaps the easiest top of the line device to use available today.

H5i Heated Humidifier

ResMed overhauled their humidification system with their S9 design. In the S9, ResMed designed for the Climate Control system to be managed by a combinaton of the machine, the heated tube, and the humidifier itself. The device comes with five sensors that monitor the S9's tmeperature and humidity settings, keeping your machine running at peak performance. Just set the level of humidity yourself, and enjoy a relaxing, rainout-free night's sleep!

AutoSet Algorithm

ResMed's AutoSet Algorithm tracks your personal flow inhibitors with every breath. Measuring your snoring and apneas, the device automatically adjusts pressure emissions based on your air flow. Pressure will subside after flow has been corrected. By monitoring your breathing habits on a breath-by-breath basis, the S9 is the quickest responding sleep apnea therapy device on the market. This quick response gives you pressure when you need it, and with these manageable adjustments, the machine works to ensure that your needs are met in a timely and efficient manner. The machine is also great when you're sick: the S9 will detect that you are having difficulties breathing through your nose, and will automatically increase the pressure supply, allowing you to get a comfortable rest when you need it most.

Easy Breathe

The S9's Easy-Breathe technology simply helps you breathe better and more naturally than other CPAP devices. The technology smoothes the device's pressure during an increase, initiating normal respiration, and making breathing more comfortable.


The S9 comes with ResMed's standard small diameter air tube. The hose comes with a temperature gauge and a heated coil that guards against rainout. The tube's flexibility is also great for people who toss and turn at night.

Easy to Use CPAP Device

The SmartStart and SmartStop settings make using this CPAP mask easy. Just breathe into your mask to start the therapy; it will stop as soon as you take it off in the morning.

Key Features

  • H5i Heated Humidifier - Five ambient sensors to provide persistent humidification reducing common CPAP irritations
  • AutoSet Algorithm - Automatically adjusts pressure emission based on your air flow for superior comfort
  • EasyBreathe Technology - Smooths pressure during an increase initiating normal respiration for comfort
  • SlimLine - Features a temperature gauge and heated coil guarding against rain-out and common CPAP therapy irritations
  • SmartStart/SmartStop - Start your therapy or stop it by putting on or removing your mask
  • Ramp Feature - Starts therapy at lower levels and increases pressure to prescribed levels over a 20min window in 5min increments
  • Automatic Altitude Compensation - Adjusts pressure automatically despite varying altitudes

Reviewers Tip:

For optimum heating, make sure to clean the Humidifier and the tube regularly.

ResMed S9 Series: An Introduction to the Enhanced AutoSet Algorithm


Is the S9 any smaller than previous models?

Yes, the S9 is slightly smaller and lighter than the S8. It weighs less than two pounds and measures 6" x 5.5" x 3.25. Users report that the S9 is also quieter than previous models too.

Can I adjust the humidification settings?

You can choose between three settings: Off, Auto, and Patient. Auto will measure the humidity in the room and heat it to reach the recommended 80% moisture level. In Patient Mode, you will be able to adjust how quickly the humidity reaches 80%.

What hose sizes is this machine compatible with?

The S9 comes with a SlimLine hose that has a 15 mm diameter. You can use a standard (22mm) hose as well.

© ResMed 2015 Used with Permission.

SKU: 90
HCPCS CPAP Code(s): E0601 (CPAP), E0562(humidifier)


CPAP and Auto CPAP

Pressure Range:

4 to 20 cm H2O

Ramp Time :

0 to 20 min. (5-min. increments)

Starting Ramp Pressure:

4 to CPAP; patient-adjustable


5.5 x 5.5 X 3.4


1.8lbs / 0.81 kg

CPAP + H5i Dimensions:

11.0 x 5.5 X 3.4

CPAP + H5i Weight:

3.3 lbs / 1.5 kg


Polyester fiber



Data SD Card

365 days summary data, 30 days detailed data(graphs), and 7 days high resolution flow data detailed data

Data on the device

Visible via the user interface, the Sleep Quality Indicator allows patients to view a snapshot of their therapy

Data SD Card:


Pressure Relief on Exhale:

EPR and Easy-Breathe

Altitude Compensation:


Power Requirements:

Input range 100240V, 5060Hz

Battery Operation:



Integrated Heated Humidifier and Pass-over Humidifier


2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

DC Power:

Use only the supplied DC-12 Converter by ResMed for DC input or damage may occur and warranty voided

Manufacturer's Website:

Box Opening & Contents

  • Your brand new ResMed S9 AutoSet CPAP Machine
  • The ResMed H5i Heated humidifier with a cleanable water tub
  • A travel bag with a shoulder strap that will safely hold your ResMed S9 machine and accessories
  • The ResMed S9 AutoSet User Manual
  • ResMed SlimLine CPAP Tubing
  • ResMed Power Adapter (100v-240v AC auto adaptive; world travel ready)
  • And an SD Card to easily analyze and transport your sleep apnea therapy data
by Noppong 7 Date Added: Wednesday 13 May, 2015
Reliable , quiet, comfortable, smart and easy to travel without H5I,

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Date Added: Thursday 07 May, 2015
I had this sorry POS machine for approx 3 years until last week when I realized if was not increasing to therapy pressure after the 'ramp-up" time. I don't know how long this had been going on, but I was absolutely exhausted (death warmed over) all day long for months and months and neither I or my primary doctor had an answer. I didn't get the clinic manual or access to the clinical screens so I 'see' the therapy data. Needless to say I will not own or use a machine nor deal with a sleep doc that doesn't trust me to look at my therapy data and notify the user if it is not functioning correctly. I think it inexcusable that the FDA approves a machine that won't/can't inform the patient when it is not working correctly. I would rate this machine a HUGH FAIL, I feel lucky to still be here alive.

Rating: 1 of 5 Stars! [1 of 5 Stars!]
by Collin H Date Added: Friday 19 September, 2014
Out of all of the cpap machines available on the market, I found this machine to be the quietest one thus far. I did some research and reading and arrived at the decision to purchase this machine. True as advertised, it is very quiet. Nice machine, I have no complaints but praise for it. I am thinking to get the Climateline tube or the tubing wrap later on as recommended by your customer service team. I am told that the Climateline tube will hold the temperature at constant 80% humidity. As for now, I am turning my humidity level up to 5, which works great for me.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
by John C Date Added: Wednesday 09 July, 2014
I still hate having a CPAP but if yer gonna get one this is about as good as it gets. It works and it's not too friggin loud

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
by jose l Date Added: Wednesday 19 December, 2012
I have the same machine.,my problem is: it gets too cold during the night the air that i have to turn it off..i have the humidity at 5. my mask is tight its not leaking.,i turn the knob when it said warming up i may go all the way to the end the line.,but that's not enough ..i have seen around here that same machine said., temp. levels...very easy to try what you like., mine comes with the heater but the temperatures level as 70 80 degrees cannot find them....can you help? I have seen heated tube also. i did spend the nights at clinics..its supposed to be set for me .,but as far is warming to comfortably is not...please help...

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Susan L Date Added: Tuesday 12 June, 2012
I really like the elegant design but I forgot to buy the climateline with the machine and it comes with a slimline only. If you live in cold area you will need to buy the machine with the heated tubing (SKU 36025).

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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