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ResMed AirMini Auto Travel CPAP Machine
Model: 38113

ResMed AirMini Auto Travel CPAP Machine
ResMed AirMini Auto Travel CPAP Machine ResMed AirMini Auto Travel CPAP Machine ResMed AirMini Auto Travel CPAP Machine
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Available Options:


STOP! Please Read: In order to set-up the Airimini it requires a smartphone.


The Smallest of the Small

Introducing the new kid on the block: The ResMed AirMini!!! It is ResMed's answer to the publics growing desire to have a more travel friendly device at their disposal. As the first ever travel CPAP design by ResMed to hit the market considered to be a a fairly new phenomenon known as travel-sized CPAP. Coming in measured at just 5.4 inches long and weighing less than a pound (0.66 lbs/10.56oz) it is hand's down the least obtrusive and most travel friendly device you'll find on the market. Boasting comfort features like pressure relief, automatic CPAP mode/standard CPAP mode adjustment, auto altitude adjustment, and the all new HumidX, the AirMini offers you effective therapy all packaged into a user-friendly design even for the least tech-savvy user out there. The device also comes with built-in Bluetooth to make data transfer seamless for Apple or Android users.

Travel Friendly

The AirMini was built for the "every so often", "the once in a while" and the "frequent traveler". Weighing just a tad over ten ounces (10oz) and sporting a shell that is 5.4 inches in length, 3 inches wide and 2.1 inches high (5.4L x3W x 2.1H), it's small enough that it could fit in almost any backpack/carrying-bag or suitcase. It's vying to earn top honours as the smallest device on the market. If you want to travel in style with the AirMini it also has it's own secure travel bag for the right occassion.

Exhalation Pressure Relief

Comfort is necessary for anybody and the AirMini delivers. It comes with the kind of comfort features you've grown to love and would expect when coming from the industry leading CPAP manufacturer. Most importantly is you have the flexibility to decide how much air pressure to reduce during exhalation. By having the pressure lowered, it will allow for easier exhalation as you to expel air against air pressure which will in turn prevent any disruption to the sleep cycle while adjusting to therapy. There are three levels of pressure reduction and depending on which is chosen it will decrease your pressure by the set amount. EX: (10cmH20 with a setting of 2 means it will decrease by a pressure of 2cm which would make you exhale at a pressure of 8cmH20) This gives you the opportunity to select which level of relief works best for your specific need.

Automatic Mode or Standard CPAP

Out of the box the machine is set default to Auto CPAP mode by ResMed however it has the abillity to work either APAP mode or CPAP mode dependent on what suits you best. CPAP mode is a prescribed pressure setting that stays consistent the entire night whereas the Auto Mode automatically adjust depending on your need throughout the night. ResMed knows that CPAP usage is not only limited to use by men but also by women as well. Therefore it is only natural they offer a "For Her" mode designed specifically to cater to the female audience of users. As women tend to experience upper respiratory disturbances -- and apneas -- differently than men, ResMed changed the device's pressurized response to suit that need for change. It is capable of detecting when a women is having an apnea within just a single breath, and unlike most devices, will respond instantly by changing pressure immediately. This instant response will help women experience better, more respondent therapy.

Mask Compatability

ResMed wants to take one step forward with it's exclusivity factor. The AirMini is exclusive to 3 ResMed specific masks meaning they will ONLY work with one of the listed masks below. You will be provided with everything needed in order to use the AirMini in seamlessly without any complication. 

*Note: In order for one of the above listed mask to work with the device a set-up pack is required as it will allow a connection to made from the mask to the machine. Any of the listed mask above are available as set-up packs and can be purchased.

Narrowing down which of the 3 mask would work best can prove to be difficult for anybody and everybody which is why ResMed offers a 30 day guarantee on the mask you choose to purchase with the device. Not only do you have options, you also have piece of mind knowing that you can test the mask to find out what works out optimally for you during your nightly sleep therapy.

Please Note: Though there is a 30 day guarantee offered for the mask set-up that can be returned to our company in exchange for one of the other listed options, it DOES NOT cover/offer non-warranty returns for the device itself, meaning once the device is opened or used it is considered a non-returnable item(unless it is for warranty work only)

Please be aware: Unfortunately this device is not compatible with other hoses, humidifiers and/or other accessories.

Bluetooth to iPhone/Android App Combo for Data Reporting

The AirMini can be paired with either an Apple or Android device for your viewing pleasure. As the device does not have a screen for you to see any data, this app will provide you specific information such as leak rate, hours of usage, 30 day sleep score and events per hour. Simply pair the AirMini with your device via the AirMini app and enjoy.

Waterless Humidification

Say "Au Revoir and take care" to your home CPAP humidification. The AirMini boasts the awe-inspiring HumidX and HumidX Plus; a waterless system cleverly integrated directly into the tubing of the ultra popular AirFit P10 and all new AirFit N20 mask. By balancing the moisture level you not only improve your comfort but you're also effectively avoiding dryness which is a big Win!

Key Features

  • Small/Lightweight and Travel Friendly Automatic CPAP Machine
  • Bluetooth Capable for Android/iPhone App
  • Simplistic and Motivational Data Management
  • Exhalation Pressure Relief
  • Leak Compensation and Altitude Adjustment
  • Ramp Feature
  • Waterless Humidification

Default Settings:

  • AutoSet 5-20cmH2O, Auto Adjusting
  • Ramp starting pressure 5cmH2O
  • EPR: Level 1 (Level 1 lowers pressure by 1 cm H2O on exhalation.)


Does this machine meet FAA standards?

Yes, the AirMini does in fact meet the Federal Aviation Administration requirements(FAA). Simply disconnect the device from Bluetooth by holding down the bluetooth button for at least 10 seconds in which you will see a white light flashing that signals you are now in airplane mode.

Does this machine come with an attachable humidifier?

Designed to be small and travel friendly, the device comes packaged with two types of humidification that are compact in size and won't compromise travel plans.

Compatible Devices: Airmini App




iPhone 5

Google Pixel (Regular)

iPhone 5c

Google Pixel (XL)

iPhone 5s

Samsung Galaxy S4

iPhone 6

Samsung Galaxy S5

iPhone 6 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S6

iPhone 6s

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

iPhone 6s Plus

Samsung Galaxy S7

iPhone SE

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

iPhone 7

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

iPhone 7 Plus

Samsung Note 4


Samsung Note 5

RX Required.

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