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CPAP Machine Rental

Rent a CPAP machine for $0.97/day. Round-trip shipping fee COVERED and NO HIDDEN FEE.

Professional Service Team

Our Professional Staff provides you unrivaled assistance to help you make the best choice based on your RX.

30-Day Risk-Free Returns

Rest peacefully with our 30-Day worry free return for your CPAP masks. For money return or store credit.

Financing Available
Flexible Payment Plans

You may qualify for no down-payment and low interest rate for 12 month to get your CPAP therapy.

Reward Points Program

Get $ with our Reward Points Program. Use the points to pay for purchases made in our store.

What Our Customers Said About Us
"Very impressed with close contact regarding my travel machine. I was notified via email when my machine was received. I received a phone call with a question to aid in repair process. I don’t feel the machine has been lost in space, especially since I’m under time constraints for upcoming trip. Thanks RespShop!"
Paula F.
Lebanon, TN
"I have used RespShop for years and have bought the same items most of that time. The latest headgear I purchased seems to be more comfortable than those purchased earlier. Respshp gives great service on masks and such. A couple of years ago I did have to go to another source to get a replacement water reservoir for my machine because they didn't stock what I needed. Their order fill rate has always been great and delivery time has always been very fast. I plan to continue to use them for my CPAP supplies."
Bob C.
Hot Springs, AR
"What can I say, Thank You RespShop, I have been getting ripped off here in Australia but no more thanks to you. Excellent email communication with customer service. Received the Fedex International shipping in 3 days to Australia. Not only do you get excellent prices and they give you access to machine software after purchase. Attention all Aussie's STOP paying exorbitant CPAP prices, we are being conned buy from RespShop."
Gus B.
Attwood, VIC Australia

CPAP Information

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CPAP During Illness

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