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ResMed Chin Strap Restraint
Model: 16015

ResMed Chin Strap Restraint
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ResMed Chin Strap Restraint Review

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Key Features & Reviewers Tip
How to? Connecting & Setup
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ResMed Chin Strap Restraint

The single chin strap is designed to hold the mouth closed during your CPAP or BiPAP therapy, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your therapy. The strap is constructed with a soft material and a soft cloth cup designed to provide you maximum comfort. There is a simple, single strap that fastens over the top of the head ensuring a hassle free removal process.

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Key Features

Sturdy Construction
Designed with soft, comfortable materials
Hassle Free Strap

Reviewers Tip:

The chin strap is great if you persistently opening your mouth during your CPAP therapy.

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Tips to reduce Dry Mouth

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What mask is compatible with the chin strap?

The chin strap is designed to be universal and can be used with nearly every CPAP mask.


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Available Accessories

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